With your own fat obtained with liposuction and then transferred into the buttocks you can increase the size, change the shape, and lift the buttocks, while decreasing fat deposits in less desirable areas of the body.

Glúteos Dr Honorio Labaronnie

Reasons for surgery

– You have very small buttocks.
– You have flat or shapeless buttocks.
– You want to show off your clothes and swimsuits better.
– You have excess fat deposits that do not highlight your curves.

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How do we do it?

First stage: Liposuction
Liposuction is the first part of the surgery where localized fat is removed using a cannula and a suction device. The areas of the body to be liposuctioned vary depending on the distribution of fat in each patient. Some patients may have excess fat in the abdomen, while others may prefer to remove fat from their thighs.

Second stage: Purification
After the adequate amount of fat has been extracted, a special decantation purification process will be used where the fat cells to be grafted are obtained.

Third stage: Lipotransference
The final phase of the procedure is the injection of fat into the buttocks. Special cannulas are used to transfer the fat cells. The volume to be injected will depend on the anatomical characteristics and wishes of each patient.

What type of anesthesia is used during buttock augmentation surgery?

General anesthesia is used for buttock augmentations because it is the safest and most comfortable option.

Where does the fat come from?

Fat is usually removed from the hips, lower back, thighs, or abdomen. The area where fat is removed will ultimately depend on your body shape.

When can I return to work after my buttock augmentation?

Most patients can return to work within a week after their surgery.

When can I return to my daily exercise routine?

It is recommended to refrain from exercise for at least four weeks after surgery.

Will it leave visible scars?

There will be no visible scars after a buttock augmentation. Fat infiltrations are performed with a very small cannula, which can cause small scars between the buttocks. Once healed, the scar will hardly be noticeable.

Are the results permanent?

After about 4 to 6 weeks you will be able to get an idea of ​​the final result. Your body will have already absorbed 20% of the injected fat and the inflammation will have disappeared. You will be able to appreciate the final result 3 months after your operation.

How should I use the girdle?

Wear your girdle all day and every day for the first 4 weeks (24x7x4). You should only take it off for washing or bathing. After the fourth week you can wear the strip for 12 hours a day. It can be during the day or at night. Make sure the girdle is not too tight on you. Your girdle should be snug but it should also feel comfortable, because you will have to wear it all day and for several weeks. The fit of the girdle should be similar to that of a bandage. The appropriate girdle should not leave marks on the skin of the areas that were subjected to liposuction. It is important that the regions subjected to lipo remain tight with the pressure of the girdle. Find your most comfortable position to rest (sitting or lying down), always avoiding leaning on your buttocks.

How should I sit and sleep?

If sitting is necessary, use the Nursing Cushion under your thighs. In this way you will be sitting with your legs and not with your buttocks. You can also sit in a chair with the back facing you. Also here use the thighs as support points and let your buttocks remain in the air. Take advantage of the backrest as an armrest. Try to sleep or rest lying on your stomach. Use cushions at your sides as barriers to prevent turning while you are sleeping and ending up sleeping on your back. You can try lying on your side as long as your buttocks do not suffer pressure

What are post-surgical massages for?

Massages are for the liposuction areas (manual lymphatic drainage) and not for the buttocks. Post-lipo massages are recommended to reduce inflammation and speed up the recovery process. The doctor’s assistants will be able to schedule massage sessions and lymphatic drainage. This type of massage is applied to the areas that were treated during liposuction. These massages offer certain advantages for the patient:
– Dissolve possible fibrosis.
– Improve circulation.
– Promote the immune system.
– Reduce inflammation.
– Shorten recovery time.
– Support in detoxification (remains of anesthesia and medications).
– Stimulate skin hydration.

Should I perform massages for the buttocks?

No massage on the buttocks is recommended. A buttock massage would go against the first rule – don’t apply pressure to fresh tissues.

Is a buttock augmentation safe?

Dr. Labaronnie is a specialist in plastic surgery and is certified by the Plastic Surgery Society of Buenos Aires. he has extensive experience performing buttock augmentation. As with any plastic surgery procedure, some potential risks and complications can arise, but Dr. Labaronnie’s hands-on approach ensures that he has a smooth experience before, during, and after the procedure.

What items will you need during your recovery period?

Most products can be found at your local pharmacy or doctor’s office.
– Compression Girdle
– Abdominal compression table. The table molds and helps reduce inflammation. Wear it under the girdle to add compression to your abdominal area.
– Cushion to sit (breastfeeding). It is a special cushion that is shaped to the contour of your thighs. But you can also use any cushion. The important thing is that your buttocks are elevated.
– Compression socks. These help to avoid flaccidity and to reshape your figure.
– Cup to urinate. It is a hypoallergenic silicone funnel that allows you to urinate standing up comfortably and hygienically.
– Anti-hematoma cream, moisturizing creams, healing cream.
– Plastic cover. You can use a waterproof cover to protect your mattress from stains caused by secretions.
– Disposable zaleas (NONISEC). They are like adult diapers, but without elastic. Use them to add an extra layer of protection against secretions.
– Cleaning wipes.

What do you recommend for the postoperative period?

In summary:
What you are recommended to do:
– Keeping moving decreases the risk of developing blood clots
– For the first 4 weeks Rest on your stomach or thighs. Use the cushion to sit on your thighs
– Stay hydrated
– Take prescribed medications

What you should NOT do:
– Do not sit on your Buttocks
– Do not smoke
– Do not wear the girdle too tight
– Do not exercise for the first 4 weeks
– Do not take hot showers
Wait 1-2 days to shower – keep showers short and avoid using very hot water. Avoid the beach, swimming pools, jacuzzis until the doctor authorizes it. This in order to prevent infections in the incisions